Prefixing cache

You might want to use separate caches for each different tenant. The Spatie\Multitenancy\Tasks\PrefixCacheTask allows you to do just that. This task only works for memory based caches, such as APC and Redis.

To use this task, you should add it to the switch_tenant_tasks key in the multitenancy config file.

// in config/multitenancy.php

'switch_tenant_tasks' => [
    // other tasks

When this task is installed, cache will behave like this

cache()->put('key', 'original-value');

cache('key') // returns null;
cache()->put('key', 'value-for-tenant');

cache('key') // returns null;
cache()->put('key', 'value-for-another-tenant');

cache('key') // returns 'original-value';

cache('key') // returns 'value-for-tenant'

cache('key') // returns 'value-for-another-tenant'

Behind the scenes, this works by dynamically changing the cache.prefix in the cache config file whenever another tenant is made current.

If you want to make the cache tenant aware in another way, you should create your own task. You can take a look at the source code of PrefixCacheTask for inspiration.