Laravel-Backup Documentation

Backup your application and database to any filesystem you like.

Laravel-Medialibrary Documentation

Associate files with Eloquent models. Additionally the package can create image manipulations on images and pdfs that have been added in the medialibrary.

Laravel-Event-Projector Documentation

Simple event sourcing in Laravel.

Laravel-Activitylog Documentation

Log the activities of your users.

Laravel-Html Documentation

Generate html with ease.

Laravel-Server-Monitor Documentation

Monitor the health of your servers.

Laravel-Slack-Slash-Command Documentation

Make a Laravel app respond to a slash command from Slack.

Laravel-Tags Documentation

A powerful tagging package. Batteries included.

Laravel-Uptime-Monitor Documentation

A powerful, easy to configure uptime monitor.

General PHP

Menu Documentation

Html menu generator.

Image Documentation

Manipulate images with an expressive API.

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