Customizing the notifiable

Laravel 5.3’s notifications are sent to a notifiable. A notifiable provides configuration values that determine how notifications will be sent.

By default the package uses this notifiable class: \Spatie\Backup\Notifications\Notifiable. This class will read out the config file. All mail notifications will be sent to the mail address specified in the key of the config file.

If you use a channel that needs some get some extra information out of the notifiable you can easily extend the default notifiable.

Here’s how that might look like:

namespace App\Notifications;

use Spatie\Backup\Notifications\Notifiable;

class BackupNotifiable extends Notifiable
    public function routeNotificationForAnotherNotificationChannel()
        return config('');

Don’t forget to register the notifiable in the config file:

// config/backup.php
    'notifications' => [

        'notifiable' => App\Notifications\BackupNotifiable::class,