Image manipulation doesn’t have to be hard. This PHP package makes it super easy to apply common manipulations to images like resizing, cropping and adding effects.

For all availabe manipulations, please see the overview.

Under the hood this package uses Glide by Jonathan Reinink.

Quick examples

For all the examples in this documentation we’ll use this beautiful photo of New York:

Example Image

Sepia and blur

By chaining multiple manipulation methods together we can quickly add a nice effect to our image:


Sepia + blur manipulation

Cropping the Starbucks storefront

The manualCrop method allows you to crop very specific parts of an image:

    ->manualCrop(600, 400, 20, 620)

Crop Starbucks

Converting a transparent PNG to JPG

The image is converted to PNG simply by saving it with the correct file extension.

    ->fit(Manipulations::FIT_FILL, 500, 300)
    ->border(15, '007698', Manipulations::BORDER_EXPAND)

Example PNG to JPG