Building a menu from a data source

Menus can also be created from an array-like data source with the static build method, or the non-static fill method.

The methods accept a data source as their first parameter, and a callable as their second. The method calls the callable over every item in the data source. The callable has three parameters: the menu, the item and the item’s key.

$items = [
    '/' => 'Home',
    '/about' => 'About',
    '/contact' => 'Contact',

Menu::build($items, function ($menu, $label, $link) {
    $menu->link($link, $label);

The build and fill methods allow you to use any iteratable data source for a menu. Here’s another example using the result of an Eloquent query in Laravel.

$products = Product::all();

Menu::build($products, function ($menu, $product) {
    $menu->action('ProductController@detail', $product->name, $product->id);