Adding translations

When using the package like described in the basic usage section all tags will be stored in the locale your app is running. If you’re creating a multilingual app it’s really easy to translate the tags. Here’s a quick example.

$tag = Tag::findOrCreate('my tag'); //store in the current locale of your app

//let's add some translation for other languages
$tag->setTranslation('name', 'fr', 'mon tag');
$tag->setTranslation('name', 'nl', 'mijn tag');

//don't forget to save the model

$tag->getTranslation('name', 'fr'); // returns 'mon tag'

$tag->name // returns the name of the tag in current locale of your app.

The translations of the tags are stored in the name column of the tags table. It’s a json column. To find a tag with a specific translation you can just use Laravel’s query builder which has support for json columns.

   ->where('name->fr', 'mon tag')

Behind the scenes spatie/laravel-translatable is used. You can use any method provided by that package.