High level overview

This package can perform health checks on all your servers. It does this by ssh’ing into them and performing certain commands. It’ll interpret the output returned by the command to determine if the check failed or not.

Let’s illustrate this with the memcached check provided out of the box. This verifies if Memcached is running. The check runs service memcached status on your server and if it outputs a string that contains memcached is running the check will succeed. If not, the check will fail.

When a check fails, and on other events, the package can send you a notification. Notifications looks like this in Slack.

You can specify which channels will send notifications in the config file. By default the package has support for Slack and mail notifications. Because the package leverages Laravel’s native notifications you can use any of the community supported drivers or write your own.

Hosts and checks can be added via the add-host artisan command or by manually adding them in the hosts and checks table.

This package comes with a few built in checks. But it’s laughably easy to add your own checks.