Determining the current tenant

Per request, the package can determine the “current” tenant. This is done by a TenantFinder. The package ships with a DomainTenantFinder that will make the tenant active who’s domain attribute value matches the host of the current request.

To use that tenant finder, specify its class name in the tenant_finder key of the multitenancy config file.

// in multitenancy.php
 * This class is responsible for determining which tenant should be current
 * for the given request.
 * This class should extend `Spatie\Multitenancy\TenantFinder\TenantFinder`
'tenant_finder' => Spatie\Multitenancy\TenantFinder\DomainTenantFinder::class,

If you want to determine the “current” tenant some other way, you can create a custom tenant finder.