Using a custom tenant model

If you want to change or add behaviour on the Tenant model you can use your custom model. Make sure that your custom model extends the Spatie\Multitenancy\Models\Tenant model provided by the package.

You should specify the class name of your model in the tenant_model key of the multitenancy config file.

 * This class is the model used for storing configuration on tenants.
 * It must be or extend `Spatie\Multitenancy\Models\Tenant::class`
'tenant_model' => \App\Models\CustomTenantModel::class,

Performing actions when a tenant gets created

You can leverage Eloquent’s lifecycle callbacks to execute extra logic when a tenant gets created, updated, deleted, …

Here’s an example on how you could call some logic that creates a database when a tenant gets created.

namespace App\Models\Tenant;

use Spatie\Multitenancy\Models\Tenant;

class CustomTenantModel extends Tenant
    public static function booted()
        static::creating(fn(CustomTenantModel $model) => $model->createDatabase());

    public function createDatabase()
        // add logic to create database