Defining conversions

A media conversion can be added to your model in the registerMediaConversions-function. It should start with a call to addMediaConversion. From there on you can use any of the methods available in the API. They are all chainable.

Take a look in the Defining conversions section for more details.

General methods


 * Add a conversion.
public function addMediaConversion(string $name): \Spatie\MediaLibrary\Conversions\Conversion


 * Set the collection names on which this conversion must be performed.
 * @param string $collectionNames,...
public function performOnCollections($collectionNames): self


 * Mark this conversion as one that should be queued.
 public function queued(): self


 * Mark this conversion as one that should not be queued.
public function nonQueued(): self


This is the value that, when this conversation is converted to html, will be used in the loading attribute. The loading attribute is a standardised attribute that controls lazy loading behaviour of the browser. Possible values are lazy, eager and auto.

You can learn more on native lazy loading in this post on css-tricks.

Image manipulations

You may add any call to one of the manipulation functions available on the spatie/image package.