Converting other files (Article model)

When using other files like videos or PDFs you'll often want to generate a still image or thumbnail. Medialibrary can do this for you.



As a start you'll need to have Imagick installed on your system. Imagick is used to convert SVG and PDF files to images. You can check whether it's installed by checking the output of phpinfo():

Imagick in phpinfo

When using the command line (for example in this demo) make sure the Imagick extension is also enabled there by running the following command:

php -me | grep 'imagick'

If imagick is printed to the console you're good.


To generate still frames from video files you'll need the FFmpeg framework on your system. Please refer to their official website for instructions. You can check whether FFmpeg is installed by running the following command:

ffmpeg -version

ffmpeg installed

Remember to add the php-ffmpeg package as a dependency to your project as well:

composer require php-ffmpeg/php-ffmpeg

We've already done this for you in the demo project.

Defining the conversions

As usual we've prepared an Article model which for you that implements the HasMediaConversions interface and has a registerMediaConversions method. The Article features some downloadable files for which we want to generate thumbnails.

    ->extractVideoFrameAtSecond(5) // Grab the still frame from the 5th second in the video

You'll notice that the conversions look very similar to image conversions. The only difference being that we've specified a time when the still image should be generated from the video files using extractVideoFrameAtSecond().

Adding media to the Article (ArticleAddMedia.php)

Use the article:addmedia command to add some SVG (demofiles/logo.svg), WEBM (demofiles/coolvideo.webm) or PDF (demofiles/hamlet.pdf) files to the Article.

php artisan article:add-media demofiles/coolvideo.webm

article addmedia

If we check the storage disk now we'll find the media file and the specified conversion as a JPG image. It's that simple.