Generating custom urls

When getUrl is called, the task of generating that URL is passed to an implementation of Spatie\MediaLibraryUrlGenerator.

The package contains a LocalUrlGenerator that can generate URLs for a media library that is stored inside the public path. An S3UrlGenerator is also included for when you’re using S3 to store your files.

If you are storing your media files in a private directory or are using a different filesystem, you can write your own UrlGenerator. Your generator must adhere to the Spatie\MediaLibraryUrlGenerator interface. If you’d extend Spatie\MediaLibraryUrlGenerator\BaseGenerator you only need to implement one method: getUrl, which should return the URL. You can call getPathRelativeToRoot to get the relative path to the root of your disk.

The code of the included S3UrlGenerator should help make things more clear:

 namespace Spatie\MediaLibrary\UrlGenerator;
 use Spatie\MediaLibrary\Exceptions\UrlCouldNotBeDeterminedException;
 class S3UrlGenerator extends BaseUrlGenerator implements UrlGenerator
      * Get the URL for the profile of a media item.
      * @return string
      * @throws UrlCouldNotBeDeterminedException
     public function getUrl()
         return config('laravel-medialibrary.s3.domain').'/'.$this->getPathRelativeToRoot();