Consuming events


The medialibrary will fire the following events that your handlers can listen for:


This event is fired after the a file has been saved to disk.

The event has a property media that holds the \Spatie\MediaLibrary\Media-object of which the file has been stored.


This event is fired when a conversion has been completed.

The event has two public properties:

  • media: the \Spatie\MediaLibrary\Media-object of which a conversion has been completed
  • conversion: the conversion (an instance of \Spatie\MediaLibrary\Conversion\Conversion) that has just been completed


This event will be fired after a collection has been cleared.

The event has two public properties:

  • model: the object that conforms to \Spatie\MediaLibrary\HasMedia\Interfaces\HasMedia of which a collection has just been cleared.
  • collectionName: the name of the collection that has just been cleared

Sample usage

First you must created a listener class. Here’s one that will log the paths of added media.

namespace App\Listeners;

use Log;
use Spatie\MediaLibrary\Events\MediaHasBeenAdded;

class MediaLogger
     * @param \Spatie\MediaLibrary\Events\MediaHasBeenAdded $event
    public function handle(MediaHasBeenAdded $event)
        $media = $event->media;
        $path = $media->getPath();
        Log::info("file {$path} has been saved for media {$media->id}");

Hook it up in app/Providers/EventServiceProvider.php to let Laravel know that your handler should be called when the event is fired:

protected $listen = [
    'Spatie\MediaLibrary\Events\MediaHasBeenAdded' => [