Tracking clicks

The package can track when and how many times a subscriber clicked on a link in a campaign.

Enabling click tracking

To use this feature, you must set track_clicks to true on a campaign you’re going to send. You can find an example of how to do this in the section on how to create a campaign.

How it works under the hood

When you send a campaign that has click tracking enabled, we’ll replace each link in the mail with a link that points to the Spatie\EmailCampaigns\Http\Controllers\TrackOpensController. A route to this controller has been set up by the Route::emailCampaigns you used when configuring the package.

Here’s an example: a link with href will be replaced with<campaign-link-uuid>/<subscriber-uuid>?redirect=

Queuing click tracking

When sending a campaign to a large list, that endpoint could be hit a lot over a short timespan. To ensure a fast response time, when the TrackOpensController is hit, it will not update the database, but dispatch a job named RegisterClickJob. The controller will respond with a redirect to the url that is the redirect URL parameter. The dispatch RegisterClickJob job update the database.

Because there’s the potential for a great many of these jobs to be scheduled, we recommend using a separate queue for handling them. You can configure the queue to be used in the You can configure the queue to be used in the perform_on_queue.register_click_job key of the email-campaigns config file.