Using variables

When using a BladeX component all attributes will be passed as variables to the underlying Blade view.

{{-- the `myAlert` view will receive a variable named `type` with a value of `error` --}}

<my-alert type="error">

If you want to pass on a PHP variable or something that needs to be evaluated you must prefix the attribute name with :.

{{-- the `myAlert` view will receive the contents of `$message` --}}
<my-alert type="error" :message="$message">

{{-- the `myAlert` view will receive the uppercased contents of `$message` --}}
<my-alert type="error" :message="strtoupper($message)">

Boolean attributes (attributes without a value), e.g. <checkbox checked /> will be passed to the component as variables evaluating to true.

``html {{-- thecheckboxInputview will receive a$checked` variable that evaluates as true –}}