Sharing data with context

By default BladeX components only have access to variables that are passed to them via attributes or via the view model. In some cases you might find yourself passing the same variables to multiple components. Take a look at this example where we are building a form using some BladeX components.

<input-field name="first_name" :model="$user" />

<input-field name="last_name" :model="$user" />

<input-field name="email" :model="$user" />

You can avoid having to pass $user to each component separatly by using a special component called context.

You can rewrite the above as

<context :model="$user">
    <input-field name="first_name" />

    <input-field name="last_name" />

    <input-field name="email" />

Note: If you are using a custom component prefix (e.g. BladeX::prefix('x'), for more details see the following chapter), you will have to use the prefix for this special component as well: <x-context :model="$user"></x-context>

The only restriction of context is that you shouldn’t use it around a slot.

    {{-- Don't do this: the variables in `context` will not be passed to `$slot`.
    <context :model="$user">
        {{ $slot }}