Cleaning up the log

After using the package for a while you might have recorded a lot of activity. This package provides an artisan command activitylog:clean to clean the log.

Running this command will result in the deletion of all recorded activity that is older than the number of days specified in the delete_records_older_than_days of the config file.

You can leverage Laravel’s scheduler to run the clean up command now and then.

php artisan activitylog:clean

protected function schedule(Schedule $schedule)

Define the log to clean

If you want to clean just one log you can define it as command argument. It will filter the log_name attribute of the Activity model.

php artisan activitylog:clean my_log_channel

Overwrite the days to keep per call

You can define the days to keep for each call as command option. This will overwrite the config for this run.

php artisan activitylog:clean --days=7