Using multiple logs

The default log

Without specifying a log name the activities will be logged on the default log.


$lastActivity = Spatie\Activitylog\Models\Activity::all()->last();

$lastActivity->log_name; //returns 'default';

You can specify the name of the default log in the default_log_name key of the config file.

Specifying a log

You can specify the log on which an activity must be logged by passing the log name to the activity function:


Activity::all()->last()->log_name; //returns 'other-log';

Specifying a log for each model

By default, the LogsActivity trait uses default_log_name from the config file to write the logs. You can set a different log for each model by setting the $logName property on the model.

protected static $logName = 'custom_log_name_for_this_model';

Retrieving activity

The Activity model is just a regular Eloquent model that you know and love:

Activity::where('log_name' , 'other-log')->get(); //returns all activity from the 'other-log'

There’s also an inLog scope you can use:


//you can pass multiple log names to the scope
Activity::inLog('default', 'other-log')->get();

//passing an array is just as good
Activity::inLog(['default', 'other-log'])->get();